Next application round starts 1 February 2021 - New website soon!


Our aims

The Van Tienhoven Foundation for International Nature Protection aims to promote the protection, conservation, and sustainable use of ecosystems and it's living organisms, where ever these are threatened or under pressure outside the Netherlands.

We, as board of the Foundation, are concerned about life on earth, the well-being and maintenance of the variety of living organisms and their living environment. Human beings play a crucial role as actor and factor in biodiversity. We see people as instrumental in mitigating the pressures of global change on the living environment and biodiversity.

Based on the estate of Pieter Gerbrand van Tienhoven, we aspire the following aims to:

  1. make small grants available in order to finance direct actions that lead to change in policy and practice. This is especially the case for those ecosystems and its living organisms that are threatened or under pressure outside the Netherlands;

  2. promote knowledge into the causes of threats and pressures on nature, in order to generate concrete actions that halt, counteract or mitigate these causes;

  3. influence and collaborate with governmental, non-governmental organisations, communities, individuals, and other relevant stakeholders for the sake of the conservation of nature.

Currently our main activity is to make small grants available. For applications, we refer to the page about criteria to apply for a grant.